Monday, March 8

26 Weeks (ish)!

I try to do belly pictures every 4 weeks when I have my OB appointments. So this should have been done last Monday at 26 weeks, but due to my crazy (work) life, is only getting done now, at 27. Toooooo baaaad.

It's not even the best picture, but there's no way I'm going through the effort (of putting on pants) to do it again.

Seriously though, work is nuts. We're pretty much storing babies in closets. Not really, but it's close. I've been working 4 shifts (that's 12-hour overnight shifts, keep in mind) every week since the second week of February. And we're still short 3-5 nurses every shift. It's a strange feeling to be home all day today, and awake. At least, a little bit awake... I did manage to take a 3 hour nap and still be grumpy about waking up. Sleep has become a spectacular talent of mine... Anyway, I am so done with working extra shifts, and have only 9 more days before I GO HOME TO NEW JERSEY!!!!!!! I'm pretty dang excited.

Oh, what, you want an actual pregnancy update? Probably not. But for posterity's sake, let's bullet-point it out:
  • Obviously, I'm still extremely tired all the time. Partly due to work, but I think at least in part to growing a person still.
  • He's gotten very active, and I love it. My belly moves and wiggles in the weirdest ways. Sometimes I swear an alien is trying to bust out of there.
  • Sometimes the wiggling right after I eat makes me a little nauseous. It's a strange parody of the rolling your stomach does when it's really sick, so my body thinks it's sick, but it's just the alien.
  • I can hear his heartbeat with a stethoscope now, if he's in the right position.
  • Still craving nachos, sour cream, and salsa. Not so much with the orange juice anymore. And I'm back on diet coke.
  • I feel like I can't breathe when I'm sitting in church. Luckily it's only the church pews that really make me that uncomfortable.
  • He's big enough now to dig into my ribs. But luckily still small enough to shove out of the way. Doesn't help the breathing thing, though.
  • I'm having a lot of contractions. I don't think I had any with Isabelle, but now that I know my contractions don't hurt (much), I recognize them more easily, so who knows. I didn't even know I was having labor contractions last time until they were 5 minutes apart.
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Co Co said...

I completely understand your feelings about night shifts and being awake in the daytime. Napping = very hard when the sun is out trying to say hello. I know how crappy I feel when I don't get enough sleep after a night shift and I can't even begin to imagine the toll it is taking on you with the whole "growing a person" thing. Best of luck with the remaining weeks!

Jen said...

Oddly enough, I have the opposite problem. I sleep way better when the sun is out, so I tend to take epic naps during the day when I should be trying to be productive, and then sometimes can't sleep at night.

Erin said...

Very cute belly! And I love your pregnancy update list. I can definitely relate to most of the things on your list!

Angel Wimberley said...

kudos to you for working this far in I couldn't take the standing on my feet part but school has taken its place (sitting isn't easy either) we should go baby browsing when you come to jersey

Cynthia said...

Cute picture and your update was fun to read! I am so glad you are heading to New Jersey! Hope it's wonderful! xo C

Alia & Ryan Jensen said...

you look adorable!!! :o)