Monday, March 15

3rd Trimester

I know I technically blogged my pregnancy update about my 3rd trimester a couple of weeks ago (or was that just last week?), but I feel like it just began in force, and I mean FORCE. Just after making that post, all of a sudden...

I feel gigantic. Even scrubs don't fit anymore, and I thought they would last forever. My winter coat BARELY zips... good thing it's about spring... and everything (especially underwear) is tight and uncomfortable. I've reached the point where I can't bend over to get stuff anymore (or really don't want to, anyway). I tried playing fetch with Chess the other day, and I can't do it, she's too good.... she drops the ball at my feet instead of holding onto it until I get it out of her mouth, and bending over 20 times to pick it up and throw it again is NOT my favorite thing.

My back hurts like mad, pretty much all the time. I walk out of work waddling like I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant and the baby's dropped..... but it's just my lower back making it hard to even walk. My left lower back is especially screwed up- if I'm bending over at the waist (as in, to put on pants or shoes) I physically cannot lift my left leg off the ground. It's so weird.

I have to pee ALL THE TIME. I don't know if my bladder is weaker with #2 or he's just sitting much lower, but I pee about 8 times on one night shift, and I didn't have this problem with Isabelle. I didn't even notice any change, with her. And yes, there have been VERY embarrassing moments when he's straight up kicked my bladder.... luckily only ever at home.

The fun part is: I can now squish my belly and feel little baby parts. It's my favorite thing to do. He pushes a little elbow or knee or something out, and I push back and feel it move across my belly trying to get away from me. I wish I could tell what's what.

In any case, with all the bad parts starting already, this is going to be a VEEERY long 3 months. Yikes.


Kristina P. said...

You hang in there! I had no idea you could feel the baby by squishing it!

Kari said...

Oh Jen...I'm sorry to hear all of this discomfort! Lanie and I had to make a trip last week to buy some new (underwear) because the elastic was cutting her in she describes...she is so funny. I think I pee as much as a pregnant person does...I go every hour usually. I'm sure I will just need a full time catheter when I get pregnant!

Cynthia said...

Oh but isn't it wonderful and worth every little ache and pain????? When do you head to New Jersey?? With that fun break it will help the time go could always come out to CO for a visit!! This too shall pass...and then look out!! Love you lots! xo C

Robert & Lanie Meyers said...

I can't believe how fast its really going. Before you know it he will be here! I am like counting down the days until I am no longer pregnant. Good luck with everything! I can't personally remember what it was like not to be nauseas.