Friday, January 8

Random Memories

You ever have a random childhood memory that is probably completely insignificant but you remember in startling detail and comes to mind at random times?

I'm sure you do.

There's one that's been sticking in my mind lately for some reason. It does that every so often. When I was maybe 8 or so, I thought I had a Super Awesome Super Cool And Original Talent. I could rotate my elbow 180 degrees while my hand/wrist remained stationary. Grossed out everyone in my 2nd grade class. Aren't I special? The thing I really remember, though, is our primary lesson on talents. Our teacher asked what our talent was. I proudly demonstrated the powers of my radius. And my teacher proceeded to tell me that that was no talent at all, anybody could do that, and tried to show me through his long-sleeve shirt. (That didn't work very well... you can't see through a long-sleeve shirt. So I didn't really believe him. But it hurt a little. And I stopped telling people I could do it.)

I don't know why this keeps coming to mind. It's so silly. But I wanted to share. I do have talents, darn it. Good ones. I just need to figure out what they are...


Mary said...

I can recall everytime an authority figure (teacher from school or church) hurt my feelings...all the way back to 1st grade. Don't feel bad!

I have a similarly weird talent involving the movement of my knuckles...and I think it's awesome, and a REAL talent :o)

The Boob Nazi said...

I can whistle three different ways and wiggle my ears. TALENT! hahaha

Kristina P. said...

Can you still do it?