Saturday, January 23

More on Yesterday

As you have probably inferred, yesterday was the Big Ultrasound Day. I was so excited and anxious about it, I almost gave myself a stress headache waiting through the morning and then on the way there. He was super wiggly all day, and I was a little worried that he'd poop out and fall asleep for the ultrasound, but we were in luck! He wasn't doing flips or anything, but he was definitely awake. We even saw him yawn.

There was a nursing student there for the ultrasound, and I've decided I like having students around for these types of things. I think the ultrasound tech would probably have been great anyway, but in general, I think having students there make the professionals explain more things more clearly. So we got great detailed explanations about everything she was doing. I also decided I really wouldn't mind having a student around when I deliver. For a lot of nurses, especially at a big hospital like this one, labor & delivery becomes "just another job," and "just another woman giving birth." Not really a special experience anymore. Having a student there makes it all special again, forces them to subconsciously see it through new eyes and explain things like the ultrasound tech did. And I want my delivery to be the most special delivery in the whole world, dangit, even if it's the ten millionth baby the nurse has delivered.

Anyway, that was a tangent. I'm trying not to ramble too much. After the ultrasound, we went to Babies R Us, where I finished registering (just for fun) and bought some little boy things to get me excited. I sighed a little over the tutus and bows and cute dresses I wouldn't be buying, but found a few stinkin' adorable things that I can't wait to stuff him in. Like a onesie with a frog on the butt!!! How cute is that? Very. Trust me.

After spending too much money at Babies R Us (the first of many, I'm sure), we went out to a late lunch at Carraba's, which is one of our favorite splurge restaurants. Or probably THE favorite. It was predictably delicious. I might have had a foodgasm. I could have sirloin marsala every day and be perfectly content.

Again, with the tangents.

So, basically, it was a great day. One of the things we bought was a GIGANTIC baby name book. A rather overwhelming baby name book, actually. But we're pretty stuck on boy names. We don't have any definite ideas yet, but we have some thoughts. Let me show them to you.

Some of my favorites are Jacob, Kade, Jayden, Alexander, and Tyler. Brit hasn't picked out any personal favorites yet, but some we've both discussed and liked are Seth, Shawn, and Corbin. And we tossed around the idea of a Corbin Seth Christensen. But those are all just thoughts, and based on our dog-naming process, this is going to take a long time, a lot of revisions, and a lot of new and completely different lists. Opinions on those names are welcome... Personal bad experiences with someone you knew once are NOT. Firstly, we don't care, and secondly.... well, we just don't care. But if you just think it sounds weird, then go ahead and say so.

Hmmm. We're having a boy. A little Brit. ...Now THAT is a scary thought.


The Boob Nazi said...

I love the name Kade! I like boy names better than girl names, so good luck picking one out!

Jen said...

I'm the opposite... I like a lot of girl names, and had some great ones picked out, but I'm starting from Square 1 with boy names.

Kari said...

JEN! I'm so excited for you and Brit! Oh a little Brit- now that is EXCITING :) I really like the name Corbin Seth! Keep us updated! Oh and I totally agree with you on having nursing students in the room, it does make the technicians/nurses explain and be more thorough!

Karen said...

After 30 years of childcare, I can say absolutely that the two boy names you dont' want to use are "Tyler" and "Matthew". They are devil names!

naptime nostalgia said...

Yay for boys!!!

Congrats! I am in the same situation as you. Had about 3 or 4lovely girl names picked out, and zero boys. I've narrowed it down to two I really like, none of which hubs likes. This whole naming process could get interesting.

I like Kade too! Good Luck!

Mary said...

I wish more people would be open to nursing students. When I was in L&D as a student the mom's that would let me in the room always said that they appreciated the extra attention I gave them, and I remember EVERY detail about those births!

It seems like everyone I know that is pregnant is having a boy too!! Congrats Jen!

I'm also scared about the two little Eric's scheduled to make their appearance in March at my house.