Monday, January 18

Let me be shallow for a minute.

Well, ok, maybe not a minute. Maybe this entire blog has become the shallow ramblings of my pregnancy. But let's break it up and talk about something ELSE that makes me a silly girl I probably wouldn't want to know: Dinner.

Last night I made my mom's chicken enchilada recipe. It tasted just like my mom's, and there was mexican rice and shredded lettuce and fresh tomatoes to accompany the goodness. And I loved it. And Brit loved it (!). And it was just one more in a string- a STRING, I tell you!- of actual dinner-like dinners that I thought up and cooked myself. You probably don't understand the significance of this. Let me relate a typical night at the Christensen household: "What do you want for dinner?" "I dunno, what do you want?" "I dunno..." [an hour or so later] "Macaroni and cheese?" "Yeah sure." Our typical diet consists of mac & cheese, hamburgers, pancakes, and sometimes tortellini if we're feeling really crazy. So this is special, and it makes me feel a little more grown-up. Watch out for a cute picture of me in a sassy apron coming up! (Just kidding. I don't wear aprons. And I don't own a sassy one anyway.) (Am I a bad person if I kinda want to, now?)


Mary said...

I've also been cooking dinner for the past few weeks b/c we went to my brothers for Christmas and his wife does all the cooking, and Eric figured that since I'm not working I should to (I held it off for 8 years so I can't really complain).

I think if you want a sassy apron, go for it. I have an old Bath & Body Works apron, from when I worked there and they were going to throw them away, and I use it quite frequently. Maternity clothes are too expensive to get grease splattered on them!

The Boob Nazi said...

I see nothing shallow about this post.

Julianne said...

Not a bad person for not owning a cute apron! Marci just made me two for Christmas, and I quite am in love with them. One of them even makes me look busty...I know, an APRON, right??

A string of good, thought-out, well-prepared meals is nothing to laugh about. It really does take effort. But it is so rewarding. I've had some good "strings" lately, too, so I'm feeling happy about life.

BlogMom5 said...

You're adorable. And congrats on finding out that you've got a boy on the way! Sassy aprons are a must-have, pregnant or not. TRUST ME.