Thursday, June 4

Shoes... and other stuff

Can't sleep. But I'm not even tired. Do you think that if you frequently only allow yourself 6-7 hours of sleep, you just get used to that, and that becomes all you need? Seems weird to me, since I used to want 9 hours....

I need new running shoes, but I don't even know where to begin. As a non-runner, how on EARTH do I tell if I like the fit of a certain shoe, unless I go jogging around the store 3 times?! It's frustrating to be so completely in the dark over such a (somewhat) big purchase. Should I just pick some pretty shoes and let it go?? Any advice here would be VERY much appreciated. Especially if you narrow your focus to what's available at Kohl's. :)

My birthday was yesterday, and it was fabulous. I convinced Brit to not skip school, and I WAS going to go to the gym, but then the maintenance guy came over to fix our light, and I felt weird just leaving after that. Brit brought home some cheeseburgers from Arctic Circle, we saw Up in 3D (very cute), I finished my book, and we went to Carraba's for dinner. (SO DELICIOUS ZOMG. I will never stray from their marsala dishes again. The last 2 times we've gone, I branched out and tried something new, and was sorely disappointed. Last night was AMAZING, though- mozarella sticks, grilled sirloin marsala with garlic mashed potatoes, and sonya(sp?) smothered in caramel.) And, of course, Isabelle called and left me the cutest voicemail ever that I will save for all eternity, and then called me back so I could talk to her for a minute. I don't think we need to debate that she is the cutest little girl on earth, the polls are now closed. We were going to hang out with some friends we haven't seen in forever and watch a movie that night, but I'm slowly getting more and more convinced that they just plain don't like us anymore, considering they never return ANY of our requests to get together. When do you stop pushing the friendship and just give up? I really miss them. :(

All in all, though, it was a fabulous birthday. And I'm very much looking forward to finishing off those leftovers today.


Brittany Marie said...

Happy birthday! I am so glad she called you! What a wonderful present!

Julianne said...

Sorry to say it, but I cannot recommend going to Kohls if you haven't first gone to a specialty running/walking shoe store. YOU MUST go to one of these first if you really want to get shoes that are designed for your type of foot. The guys at these type of stores know what the crapper they're talking about. Then you can go to Kohls and see if they carry the same one you liked at the shoe store for less.

When I lived there, and got serious about running, I went to one in Orem...oh geez, what is the name...oh yeah, Runner's Corner. 336A E 800 S, Orem - (801) 223-7010. GO THERE. And if it appears that the salesperson doesn't know what they're talking about (though, they all should b/c that is the only thing they sell - running and walking shoes -- get someone else, and don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion.

At the least, the salesperson should evaluate the way your feet are when you're standing, and I do believe Runner's Corner has a treadmill, and they will probably evaluate you while you run. You should also tell them about and aches/pains you have experienced with your current/past shoes, and what kind of workouts you're doing (indoor, treadmill, outdoor, hills, mostly flat, etc.).

If the store you go to were REALLY high tech, they would have you run on the treadmill and video tape you from behind, then slow it down superbly and track every single motion that your foot goes through during a step. Then they can superiorly recommend you a shoe.

Most likely, the shoe specialty store charges about $20 more for their shoes than if you were to buy online or at another store. If you have a special type of foot, such as overpronating or underpronating, you will be hard-pressed to find shoes for this type of foot at somewhere like Dick's or Kohl's. If you happen to have a perfect gait, like my husband, you can find average shoes at just about anywhere. But take it from me -- running shoe stores are not just there to make money, they really are there to help you make the best investment for your feet. I fully support paying the extra $20 to have a pair of shoes that fits me like a glove and supports my feet, which are extra retarded.

OK, there's my advice. Take it or leave it...but I think you should take it.

PS - Happy birthday!

Julianne said...

Also, one more thing to add to my novel: I know that it seems that any old shoe will work. But, like the shoe store, the shoe companies are also not only in it to make money -- they're there to create quality shoes that FIT YOUR FOOT. The stuff at Kohls and your average sporting goods store is their middle of the line stuff. Going to a specialty store will allow you to look at the more quality, somewhat higher-end stuff that isn't carried for the average person. If you're interested in protecting your feet and, really, your whole body, I would go to the specialty store and at least get your feet evaluated.

Also -- you will likely need to go up one size from the normal size you wear. Your foot swells so much during a workout that having the extra toe room is necessary. I normally wear a 7; my running shoes are an 8, but they fit awesome.

I'm done now.

Julianne said...

Nah, not done yet. You should DEFINITELY run around the store 3 times. When I was at the Runner's Corner in Orem, I took the shoes outside and ran down the sidewalk and back. You're paying alot of money for these; you HAVE to make sure you think they're going to be good.

Jen said...

Ah yes, but I don't have gift cards to Runner's Corner, and we're nearing the Ramen Noodle stage of our finances. For someone who is barely even enjoying running, and feels like death after just 3 minutes of jogging, I can't justify spending good money on something that will most likely end up sitting in my closet to rot after i realize i JUST CAN'T do it. But I will definitely take your advice and get my feet professionally evaluated.

ps- my secret motive in asking for advice about running shoes was to incite one of your informative novels. :)

Julianne said...

Hmm! Well you could have just emailed me, you know...

Alright, fine, but AT LEAST go get your feet evaluated by a shoe store, as you said you would. You promised. Then get their recommendations of good brands and good models, then go surf the web and find it for cheaper. Try on some while you're there, find the one you like best, and then just tell them the truth, "I think I can find this cheaper online," or whatever.