Thursday, June 4

Shoes...... again

Ok, time's up. I HAVE to have new running shoes. I just tried going to the gym, and the bottoms of my feet feel like they've been pounded mercilessly (which, i guess they have), and even the tops of my feet/ankles and bottoms of my shins hurt when i walk. Or don't walk. They just hurt. Not quite shin splints, but it makes me want to flex and extend repeatedly to stretch out the area. On the bright side, I did better this time than I have recently. I may be slowly getting back into shape.

In any case, it's time to give in and get new shoes, or I might hurt myself. (And I'm sorry Julianne, but I'm gonna have to go the cheap route. I have NO money to be spending on this fledgling hobby of mine that may or may not be given up after I lose my gym membership, but I do have several gift cards to Kohl's. And any running shoe has to better than my old walking shoes, right? They're the same brands... just the cheaper end.... I'm sorry. DON'T JUDGE ME!)

Any opinions on New Balance running shoes? Or should I just stick with Nike/Asics? ... any runners out there besides my cousin?

I just realized this may be a very boring read for most people out there.

So, in other news (if anyone is still reading...) I feel very pudgy lately. And I'm trying to whip myself back into some semblance of shape before I have to appear before extended family in a bathing suit at Lake Tahoe. In 3 weeks. Yikes. It's not THAT bad, though. If I stop mindlessly eating twizzlers and m&m's all day and start going to the gym regularly, it shouldn't take too long for me to be OK with my shape again.

So, that's my goal.

She types as she sits on the couch eating chocolate funfetti birthday cake and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

This is going well so far.


Kristina P. said...

I've always had NB, and I've liked them.

heather said...

Jen you crack me up. :) As for shoes - I love my mizuno running shoes - but they're pretty pricey (got them at Runner's Corner in Orem like your cousin - and highly recommend that place if you get more serious about running later on). Before them I had new balance & Adidas -- liked the NB better I think. My main problem that forced me to go pay more $$ for shoes was that my previous pair fit me too tight and it caused my feet and legs muscles to cramp every time I went running. It ended up causing a lot of pain for a long time - so I also recommend getting a size up from your normal size. It is definitely necessary for better, more comfortable running. Try them on and maybe jog in place if you can, just to get a feel for each pair. All in all - I bet New Balance would be fine for your needs. Especially if you're not positive that you'll renew your gym membership! :)

Emilia said...

pricey ones at a store specifically for running will make for very happy feet. They totally encourage you to take a few laps there. And all the money you spend on the shoes, you'll be less able to spend on food. Everybody wins. Also, most of those stores have online coupons. It'll still cost a lot, but your feet will be happy.

The Boob Nazi said...

I don't run.

Ryan and Julianne said...

I've never been a fan of NB, because they always seem to be heavy (I usually try to keep my shoes at 11 oz. or lighter, NB seems to be around 15 oz...but those were just the few I've tried on). They also don't fit my very narrow foot well. But if you have a normal-sized foot, they're probably OK.

If you are dead set on going to Kohls, and you definitely won't go get your foot evaluated (an invaluable tool and it's FREE!), you need to do some evaluating on your own. Look at how you stand and where the soles on your shoes have worn down. You can even take your shoes (and your feet) into Runner's Corner and have them tell you what kind of runner you are (overpronator, underpronator, neutral). The absolute dorkiest thing you can do in making such a large purchase is not find this out. Once you know what type of foot you have, you can better narrow down your foot.

If you want more help, you first have to go get your foot evaluated (FOR FREE!!!!) and then come back. Then I'll talk to you some more. You promised!

PS - stop eating M&Ms and cake if you want to look better. The end.

Ryan and Julianne said...

PS - here's a link that gives you the definitions of types of foot, and then has links to different shoes that are recommended for those types.

Shayla Shumaker said...

I love my asics. But thats just me (I need good arch support!)and I agree with getting a size up, it may feel odd for the first little while, but its better for the feet and you do get used to it fast.
As for the moving- I agree, we should help each other! Let me know when you are moving and well come on over (make sure to call someone in your ward, they're alwas there for such things!)

Alice said...

New Balance running shoes are really a nice choice. I too have been wearing NB shoes from a very long time. Its good that you have several gift cards to Kohl's.