Saturday, June 27

Posting Marathon: BEGIN!

I am naughty. I have about a billion posts to catch up on. They SHOULD all be short and sweet. I hope.

First, my hair. It is awesome. This is the reason I kept looking in the mirror and contemplating how awesome I am, tbh. I had been planning on getting my hair done, but just the roots filled in and the highlights refreshed, but at work 2 days before my appointment I started talking to one of the PCT's (whose hair I am completely jealous of) and she told me I should do something different. I like different. She also gave me the number of her awesome and affordable hair stylist. So, I just made the appointment, and went for it. And it ROCKS.

Sadly, pictures don't even do it justice. Things you can't see through pictures: The underneath half is black, and the top has bright red highlights sprinkled throughout. And the blond bit is only on that one side.

This happened a while ago, but I didn't want to blog it until I saw my family this weekend. I was all excited about surprising them with my awesome hair.... and then I worked a 12 hour night shift and flew to Reno immediately after, so by the time I saw people, my hair was a stringy gross mess. How disappointing. But I think by now they've gotten the full impact of the awesome.

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Kristina P. said...

I LOVE it! It's so fun and funky!