Thursday, April 23

The Biggest Loser quickie rant

Ron needs to be stabbed in the face, and I regret ever rooting for his mean butt. I keep WAITING for him to fall back below the yellow line.



Raymond and Amy Lambert Family said...

Jen, I totally agree! Raymond and I have wanted him off for weeks now and every time he was below the yellow line and not kicked off we would throw our hands up in the air and ask the TV why the other contestants were so dumb! Of course, you must give him credit that he is probably the only one that has played the game since the beginning. Only b/c he's such a smooth talker and has used Mike through the whole thing to get to the next week and slowly boot off those who would finally figure out his manipulative ways!!

Aimee said...

Ok, I stumbled across your blog from a friend of a friend of a friend (you know how blog hopping goes!) So, I just HAD to say LOL at your blog post!!! I feel the exact same way about RON! what a jerk! I love Kristin! boo! Anyway, sorry I blog stalked. Please feel free to stalk me if you want!


Nathan and Shannon said...

lol, maybe I should start watching. It sounds like it's really good.

Mary said...

I agree with you 100%...I loved Filipe & Sione...Helen has never been my favorite.
Ron is such a liar! Man up and tell the truth that you wanted Kristen voted off...what goes around comes around!