Friday, November 28

Thanksgiving: A Recap

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time of year traditionally given to turkey, cranberries, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Mmm, carb-fest. Unfortunately, I am a young wife not particularly given to cooking at all, let alone feasts. I am also a night-shift LPN working both holiday shifts-- Wednesday night and Thursday (tonight). So, no beautifully garnished turkey with homemade cranberry sauce for us. Instead, I got home at 7, slept until 2, snuggled my husband a whole lot, and worked on homework. My husband, on the other hand, was kind enough to make a wonderful Thanksgiving feast for both of us! The menu: breaded chicken fingers (frozen), three cheese macaroni with shells, barbecue chicken bites (frozen), and white rice. And honestly? It was delicious. We even adhered to the Thanksgiving tradition of football, by watching Leatherheads while we ate dinner. I was almost as full as after a standard thanksgiving feast, except without all the leftovers. And, sadly, I only had an hour to nap before getting ready for work. But I'm pretty happy with our homey little holiday.

The REAL celebration took place last friday and saturday, at my in-laws. We went to colorado for a weekend, and managed to fit thanksgiving AND christmas into those short 2 days. Friday night was thanksgiving, and we had all the standard meal items, plus homemade rolls and jam and cinnamon honey butter. That may have been my favorite. Along with everything else. It was completely delicious, and we shared things we are thankful for. I am thankful for a wonderful family-in-law willing to bust their butts to celebrate a holiday around our stupid work/school schedule.

After dinner we decorated the christmas tree, and Saturday morning we had a scaled-down christmas. Personally, I got way more than I ever expected. Including a brand new crockpot, with a timer. Perhaps I'll actually be able to cook dinners now! It was hard to remember that the rest of the world did not think saturday was a holiday; that's how real it felt. It was amazing.

Sunday afternoon we took family pictures, and packed up and headed home. We miraculously fit all of our stuff onto the plane, and now I'm trying to find places to put all the cute decorating things I got. It would probably help if I cleaned my house. Maybe in 2 weeks. But probably not any earlier.


Kristina P. said...

Your TG dinner sounds awesome!

Looks like a fun time in Colorado!

Cynthia said...

Nice work on the dinner Brit...we loved having you here for the cliff notes version of the holidays! It was great...but now what do we do till January?

Mary said...

I love those kind of heart felt dinners...they are the best!

Glad you got to see your family!!!

heather said...

Yay for family pictures. :)