Tuesday, September 9

Just Some Things

Coming to you today from Jen's brand new computer! Isn't it spiffy? That's the stock picture at the top. And yes, it is sunshine yellow. It makes me happy. I finally decided it was time to retire my 5 year old laptop. It's still functional for web browsing and writing documents, and I'll probably sell it to my sister-in-law so she can use it until it dies, but it's nice to have a somewhat up-to-date machine in my hands again. I can actually play games! Not that I ever take time away from studying to play games...

School is still going well. It's hard getting back into it, remembering that I have assignments to do. My days are mostly filled with work and school and clinicals; today is one of my few days off. I started my clinicals yesterday-- it was boring. Nothing to report. Work is down to 3 days/week, and I've started bunching them all together so I work 6 days in a row and have 8 off. I've put in a request for time off at the end of the month... nothing that should interfere with my regular days off, I just thought it would be fun to have a long weekend and take a trip. I don't take enough trips. Brit disagrees, but I like them. It would be nice if I knew my schedule, though. Our supervisor has been getting it out..... well, maybe an hour in advance lately, it's been causing problems. I'll go in and talk to her today.

Well that was a lot of randomness that probably wasn't very interesting. Enjoy another picture of my awesome new computer:

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Tyler said...

dude, i just got a dell, too. (wendy stole me mac.)