Wednesday, September 17

The best secret ever!

I have discovered the secret to losing weight. And it is (drumroll please)....... NOT going to the gym!

I've noticed a distinct pattern in my weight loss efforts. And that is, when I'm super good about working out, I lose VERY slowly. As in, maybe .5 lb / week. Then when I've been super lazy about going to the gym, like these past couple of weeks, I suddenly drop 1-3 lbs without even trying.

I know in my head it's muscle weight and all that crap, and I should remember that I will eventually look fabulous despite the numbers on the scale, but numbers on the scale are something you can SEE. I don't see myself looking fabulous at all. I see myself hardly able to walk I'm so sore, not having any time because the gym takes my whole morning, and NOT LOSING WEIGHT.

I probably should stop whining about it and just go to the gym. /sigh


Cynthia said...

OK...I'm trying the no exercise, lose more weight plan...I'll let you know how that goes. I miss you guys...xo

Julianne said... looks like a battle we all deal with. I told Ryan last night that it's not fair that the super-high metabolism goes to the 16-year-olds, because they don't even appreciate it! What would it be like if, after years of struggle to keep extra weight off, we were blessed with the metabolism of a teenager, for a few years? Ahh, how much more we would appreciate it now!

Anyway, I can dream. But in the meantime, I'm right with you -- back to the gym (or, the road, in my case).

Julianne said...

PS - I'm so glad you left that crock pot article link on my blog -- I had never thought of doing it in the crockpot and just planned to do it in my teeny-tiny steamer or in the oven, which would heat up the whole house. The crock pot is the perfect middle-man! Love it!

Gary said...

Who's feet are those? :)

Brittany said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! My husband and I deal with weight issues too. (Boo)