Friday, August 15

Vacation Update, Part 3: Family Reunion

Well, I haven't done anything all day today. May as well continue the tradition.

The day after we got home from Lake Powell was our family reunion. Technically it was Thursday, too, but we were busy getting home from Lake Powell. Friday morning we went to Seven Peaks Water Park, and me and brit were 10 kinds of lame about the water slides. We went in the Lazy River with my nephews for a bit (which was really a lot of fun)... went on the halfpipe ride (which was really pretty scary)... and went on the "toilet bowl" ride next to it (which was really pretty lame). And we were done. By noonish the concrete BURNED my feet, and I hated walking anywhere. We just hung out with the family under the pavilion and ate their food. And played with my nephews. Especially Charlie, who got STINKING CUTE since the last time I saw him in NJ. My dad convinced me to go on one more ride in a double-tube with him, but that was it for us. It was still fun.

We left by about 4, and went home to take naps and shower (my first shower in a week! BLISS!) before dinner with the whole family again. We went to Canyon Glen park, had hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken, took lots of family pictures, and watched a slideshow. It was fun. Although I think the highlight of my evening was stopping by Costco on the way to the park and watching Emilia buy 12 giant boxes of Ghiradelli Chocolate Brownies.

Some fun pictures from the weekend (sadly, I didn't start taking pictures until after Seven Peaks):
Brit, with my really cute niece, who has a pretty freaked out expression on her face....

Brit and Uncle Val, doing their Guy Thing with computers

The picture of us with my grandparents I didn't get at my wedding. Which I'm pretty mad about.

Benjamin, getting acquainted with Khianna

The effect of the weekend....

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Emilia said...

It's especially important to store the foods you actually eat, which is why a year's supply of Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies is ESSENTIAL in my food storage. We already used the box for August. September is sooooooo far away....