Wednesday, August 6

Vacation Update, Part 1

I've realized I kindof fail at this whole blogging thing. I think I'm updating regularly, then I look at the archives and see I'm averaging maybe 2-3/month. Whoops. My apologies. I know you're all missing me dearly.

Three separate updates are forthcoming, both about or last week of pure vacationy goodness. I'm separating them partly to keep from overwhelming you all with one gargantuan post, and partly as an out because I'm sure I'll get distracted sometime before I finish.

Friday was my first day off work (after a very long, rather stressful no-break stretch) for my nephew's blessing. We went up to Salt Lake for the big family event. It was fun seeing so many of Brit's aunts and cousins, even if a little overwhelming. The baby bore it well, until right after the blessing when all the cameras came out and he FREAKED. Can't say as I blame him. He was stinking cute, though. Much more interactive than the last time we saw him. His new favorite thing was blowing spit bubbles, and I about died every time.

After the blessing was finally done (an event which attempted to be as succinct as possible, but failed spectacularly (the whole event, that is, not the blessing itself which was beautiful)) we all headed out to a park for dinner and visiting. I wasn't much in a visiting mood, and it was hot, but the food was good and the babies were cute, and it was a good experience.

Blythe and Paul, Brit's favorite aunt and uncle, FINALLY showed up just as everyone was leaving. We went back to Jordan's house to visit some more with them, and of course Jordan and Cassie, and Ryan and Heather, and Brit's parents and grandparents. That was a small, fun group. We really had a good time, even though I was exhausted. And it made me excited for the coming week at Lake Powell with the family. Spending time with them is non-stop entertainment.

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heather said...

Yay! Good memories. :) I'm so glad that you guys came to the blessing - and I love that picture! It's one of the very few L allowed ... so it's a treasure for sure!