Wednesday, June 9

Being a mom is hard.

And breastfeeding basically sucks.


Still worth it.


Shayla Shumaker said...

Oh, totally worth it! He is such a Q-T-Pie!!! I will take him any day for any length of time. Just be persistent with the breastfeeding! Honestly, the first two weeks is a million times harder than the rest (unless you get mastitis). I honestly LOATHED breastfeeding all three of my kids, but it IS the best best best thing you can do for them. That being said, plenty of healthy kids have been raised on formula and it's not the end of the world if you have to use it. But you CAN do it!

heather said...

Love love love the pictures!! Keep working hard ... being a mom is tough! And good luck with nursing - hope things get better soon!!