Wednesday, June 30

Angry Birthmom Vent

I love the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." It's a guilty pleasure. But it's making me MAD tonight. I'm going through the marathon recorded on my DVR, and I've seen several episodes now where a single mom is thinking about "giving up" for adoption. But after she sees the baby for the first time, the narrator intones something to the effect of "he was so precious, she knew she could never give him up."

So.... what? Isabelle wasn't precious enough for me to subject her to the life of an unprepared single mom? Maybe I didn't love her enough? Apparently she was a subpar child, and it was was just easy for me to hand her off and move on. Good thing I didn't have a beautiful or precious child like these women. Good thing I have a heart of stone and didn't REALLY love my baby.


Just.... UGH.



Mary said...

what you did was selfless and mature. I'm sure Isabelle is absolutely beautiful!!!

Cynthia said...

Good thing you are a wonderful loving birth mom and now mom-mom who loved her enough to let her go. You need a new show to watch!!! Can't wait to see Corbin...and you and Brit! xo C

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Yeah, the media is pretty stupid when it comes to adoption. They just don't get it!