Saturday, September 19

Home Improvement

Brit started a little painting project a couple of days ago to decorate a wall in our basement next to the computers (yes, multiple). He worked really hard on the outline and the beginning parts, and then I kinda took over with detail work and tiny shadows. Unintentionally, I took over the project to the point where Brit texted me last night saying, "I kinda want to finish it, but I don't want to screw it up for you." I finally convinced him to finish working on his own project, and I feel bad that I took it over so completely, but he did and it turned out great.

And this morning at 1 AM on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, Brit finished the mural on our wall:

Does it make me very lame if I like it A LOT? The inherent pirateness and symbolism combine into one burning package of awesome.

The panorama shot of our (still very messy) basement where the mural resides:

And some shots of the work in progress:
I'm really glad this turned out to be a family project. And I'm immensely pleased with the final product. And will be even more pleased when my basement is put back together. But for now... yay!


heather said...

Wow. This is crazy amazing! I really like it, and I honestly had no idea that Brit could draw like that!! you guys made a great team - it looks AWESOME! Are you going to do anything else??

Cynthia said...

Wow...I am amazed and really excited to see it tonight!! I guess the pirate theme explains Brit's text to me this morning that said "Yarr Lassie". It looks great!

Nathan and Shannon said...

That's awesome!!!