Tuesday, January 6


Brought to you by Kristina's insistence that I show myself.

Ok. That's a lie. I was totally planning on doing this anyway.

I went to Walmart today to return some stuff. I came away with two new sets of scrubs and spending more money than we probably had.


Actually.... I have about 15 tops already. And I only work 3 days a week. What I really need is pants. But when I went looking for pants, I found these two. And I thought, I'm working on valentine's day, I need a valentine's day top. And even more importantly, I'm a BABY nurse! I don't have any tops that say "Hey, I'm a baby nurse!" And isn't it cute?!

Brit glared at me. A lot.


the letter Bee said...

I think they are cute! And I don't like Winnie the Pooh.

Kristina P. said...

It's about damn time!

And they are adorable.

heather said...

Not to go against family or anything ... but I think that you are completely justified!! :) I love 'em! And I'm so glad that you had a good Christmas with your brother and friends. Love ya!

Mary said...

Very cute...I am an Eeyore fanatic, but all the hospitals in the areas have their "colors" so no fun scrubs ;o(

Kari said...

I have the same problem with scrubs! They are just too cute!