Friday, October 17

Being Political

I have been far too political this election season. I think it's partly overcompensation for 22 years of not caring, and 4 years of not voting. But whatever it is, I've been conversing with politically minded friends, having lively "conversations," and watching debates and sometimes news about the candidates and their platforms.

Today, I saw these links from one of those political friends. It is FABULOUS. Never once is "95% of Americans" mentioned, or heroism as a POW. It's just funny. Both candidates spend 15 minutes poking fun at themselves and each other. A real breath of fresh air at this time. Watch it, and giggle:

McCain, Part 1:

McCain, Part 2:

Obama, Part 1:

Obama, Part 2:

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Kristina P. said...

I saw these on another site, and they made me laugh.

I basically tune everything in regards to politics out.