Friday, July 8

3... I mean, 4 years!

Our anniversary was last week! I can't believe we've been married 4 years already. I'm really stuck on 3. This is going to take some getting used to.

I wasn't going to do anything for the occasion, what with having a baby around and working most of the weekend, but then my brother just happened to be staying for a few days! We took advantage of his presence and went out for a movie date Saturday, my one night off. We saw Pirates, and used the free tickets we got from a car dealership. It was ever so fancy.

So, four years. Wow. In four years, we've both graduated, I found a job I love, we bought a house, got a dog, had a baby, went through 3 different cars... and I really don't have an elegant segue into pictures.







Kristina P. said...

Happy anniversary!

Erin said...

Yay! Congratulations on four years!

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Happy anniversary! Those were 4 action-packed years!

Cynthia said...

Yeah! Glad to have you in the family!! And I love the driftwood photo. Happy memories and lots of them. You and Brit are a great couple. And Corbin makes it complete!! Love you lots! xo C