Wednesday, December 15


Do you think it's weird, in all these monthly updates, I've never mentioned what color Corbin's eyes have turned?

That's because, I'll be completely honest here, I DON'T KNOW! They seem to change color every time I look at them. What do you think? Brown? Green? Brownish-green? Bluish maybe? They seem bluish sometimes, to me.

Maybe I'll call it hazel.


Cynthia said...

Oh my goodness...he is so adorable!!! xo C

heather said...

Oh I love this picture. What a cutie. How's your new camera working out for you?! I want more pictures!! :)

Nathan and Shannon said...

I think that they are definitely hazel. Kind of a smokey blueish brown. Nathan says that they are hazel too, but kind of greenish. I guess we aren't much help. We agree on hazel. :) Either way they are gorgeous!

Erin said...

Babies' eyes are kind of weird how they change color. You're probably right about the hazel thing.