Tuesday, September 14


(In my head, that title was said in a Hulk voice.)

I finally tried Smashburger today. I don't know where I heard about it, but I think I've heard good things. With so many choices around me, though (Five Guys, JCW's, In N Out) I've never had the chance or motivation to try it. I finally did, and the verdict:

Meh, 'sOkay.

The rosemary garlic fries were GREAT, and I might go again just for those. The shake was pretty good, but really expensive, and JCW has more options. I had chicken, so I don't know how the burgers were, but I was a teensy bit annoyed that fancy extra toppings were all 99 cents extra. I like the "one price for a burger, then add whatever you want" approach of Five Guys. Also, I felt pretty ridiculous ordering Smashchicken, with Smashfries, while my mother-in-law had a Smashsalad... why do you feel the need to put your name on everything? We're not Smurfs.

I'm glad I went. But I probably won't go again. Except maybe for the fries.

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Lauren said...

My brain just exploded at the thought of those fries! Need...now.